Rent your house in Zandvoort | Formula-1 2020

Do you want to rent out your house in Zandvoort during the Formula-1 event in 2020? Renting your home during a big event can be challenging and raise many questions. On this page you can read the most important information. Or contact us, we can help you! Or read more general information about renting out your house in Zandvoort.


With Rental Valley, we have been working for years on successfully renting out their homes for our clients. We guide you from A to Z. From creating an account on multiple booking platforms to the thorough cleaning of your home after the holiday of your guests. We are also very well aware of the rules of the municipality around your house in Zandvoort.

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I am not renting out my house currently, when should I start?

To be able to rent out your house in Zandvoort for a good price during the Formula-1 event in 2020 it is important to start renting out your (holiday) home as soon as possible. This way you can start building a good ranking for your home on platforms such as AirBnB and It is wise to start with a lower rate in order to generate a lot of bookings fast. This way you can increase the customer experience in a short time span. Generating many positive reviews will help to rent out your home in Zandvoort during the formula-1 event in 2020. In our experience it takes about 10-15 booking to create a proper rankingscore on the popular platforms. Start renting out your home as soon as possible! We can help you, contact us without any obligations.

What nightly rate can I charge for my house?

Rental Valley uses many elements for (automated) optimization of nightly rates. Considering the expected amount of visitors during the formula 1 event in Zandvoort the nightly rates in the area can raise significantly. However, be aware that high rates can scare off possible renters. If your rates are too high compared to other properties, you might end up without any customers. Depending on the situation we expect the prices during the event to raise to 400% of the normal rates. Fill in our price check to calculate your nightly rate in Zandvoort.


New legislation since april 1th 2019

Since the 1th of April 2019 the municipality in Zandvoort obligated homeowners to report to them in case of renting out their house. Find some information about it here. There are several pro’s and con’s to address considering this new legislation. Rental Valley is well aware of all developments and even consults with the municipality in Zandvoort on a regular basis. We can help you determine which situation is applicable to you and therefore what is allowed and what isn’t.

Vincent: It is important to accurately estimate how the prices at an event such as the Formula 1 can rise. I analyse the market and make sure there is a proper balance between price and quality. For both the homeowner as the guest.”

Call in the professionals of Rental Valley and rent out your property in Zandvoort in a carefree way. Before you know it we have already found suitable vacationers for you. Does this form of private accommodation in Zandvoort appeal to you? Or would you like to receive more information from us? Contact us.