How to register your rental accommodation (Alojamento Local)?

In contrast to other European countries, real estate can be rented out in a quite simple and relatively non-bureaucratic way for tourist purposes in Portugal. To do you will need a rental license called “Alojamento Local”.

“Alojamento Local” is the small commercial use of a property for tourist rental by natural persons. Without the registration number you can not register your property on platforms like or But the effort is unique and, in our opinion, very limited, if you have informed yourself correctly. We would like to give you a first overview of the most important points in the following text. We are happy to advise and assist you in detail as part of our services.

Roughly speaking, there are only two essential steps for registering as “Alojamento Local”. 

  1. Registration of a small business, a so-called “actividade”.
    You can only complete the registration forms of the Alojamento Local with the proof issued by the tax authority. The actividade can be requested online at the “Portal Finanças” or at any tax office. We recommend registering on-site, as the online process is not without stumbling blocks and questions can be answered on-site.
    It is important to note that the small business is registered for the provision of accommodation services (as defined in Section I, sub classes 55201 or 55204 of the Portuguese classification of economic activities).
  2. Registration as Alojamento Local “can be done easily via the portal” Balcão Único Eletrónico“. If digital registration is not possible or you would like to carry out the report personally, you can also do this at many municipal administrations (“câmara municipal”). However, this often depends on the wealth of experience of the responsible officials. The paper form of the application can be found here.

You need the following documents if you own the property and you are a natural person:

  • A copy of the identity card
  • A personal statement containing the suitability of the building or the suitability of autonomous parts thereof (e.g. apartments) for the provision of accommodation services and compliance with applicable legal and regulatory standards.
  • A copy of the land register entry (“caderneta predial”) as the owner of the property.
  • A copy of the explanation of the beginning of an “activity” (small business, see above).

For short term renting in Portugal a few more points are important and should be considered:

  •  Income earned through furnished accommodation for tourists [CAE 55201] is taxed under category B (as self employed income). To declare the income, each bill must be issued to the guest through a certified program or bill slip through a portal of the tax office.
  • Local lodging establishments must have an complaint book (livro de reclamações).
  • The so-called SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras) must be informed about the accommodation of foreign nationals. So all guests who do not have the Portuguese nationality – regardless of age. You can do that through the SEF portal. More info about this.
  • Certain security features are required for the property. These are: a) a fire extinguisher and an accessible fire blanket; (b) First Aid Equipment c) The national emergency number (112) in a location visible to the user. In any case, we also recommend the attachment of fire alarms with integrated batteries and a term of 10 years. In addition, you should mark the exits, the fire extinguisher and the first aid box with self-illuminating signs.
  • When you advertise the property, the activity name and registration number given at registration should always be given. In our opinion, the registration number is especially important.

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