Marga: a remarkable women

The remarkable journey of Marga, who, after a challenging period in her life, including a divorce and relocation from the UK to the Algarve in 2009 with her two young children, demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit. Her initial struggle with the language barrier and the necessity to earn a livelihood led her to start cleaning homes. This beginning, combined with her background as an office manager in the UK, eventually transforms into a successful company managing holiday rentals.

Transition to Property Management

Marga began assisting some property owners with their holiday rentals during the summer months, a role that quickly expanded due to positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Marga’s dedication and the personal touch she added to each property did not go unnoticed, and she soon found herself managing a handful of properties, both full-time and seasonal.

Balancing the demands of her growing business with her responsibilities as a single parent was no small task. Marga managed bookings, guest communications, check-ins, and cleaning. All while caring for her children, without ever compromising on the quality of her service. Despite the constant workload, Marga remained committed to her role, sacrificing personal holidays.



Challenges and Growth

As her children grew older and left for university, Marga began to feel the distance from her friends and family back in the UK more acutely. Though she had built a successful life in the Algarve, the desire to return to her home country grew stronger. However, the thought of leaving behind the properties she had dedicated years to managing, along with the need for starting capital to relocate, presented significant obstacles.

Partnership with Rental Valley

A pivotal moment came when a friend recommended contacting Rental Valley. Rental Valley offered to compensate Marga per property, recognizing the value she had created and ensuring a smooth transition for both her and the property owners. Together, they approached the owners to present a plan that would allow Marga to return to the UK without abandoning the properties or the owners. This solution not only secured Marga’s financial needs for her relocation but also ensured that the properties would continue to be managed with care and professionalism.


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