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Online Management

The online package is offering all the services our team can perform online, by email or on the phone. You will be surprised by how much that is. The only things we do not do in this package is leaving our offices. 

Most important tasks included in this package are onboarding, booking management and guest communication by the helpdesk. But we also offer a task manager in this package. This is a very useful tool to automate the communication between our reservation system and your cleaning and maintenance staff. This will save you a lot of time.

This package is a great value for money deal in case you have your own local contacts for cleaning & maintenance.

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Full Management

This full package offers our online and helpdesk power in combination with all operational tasks related to holiday rental. We will be leaving our offices this time and manage everything in and around your property. 

Organising the hosting, cleaning and maintenance services are the most important added elements of this package compared to the online package. Clients choose for this package when they do not wish to be bothered with these tasks or when they are not around to do so themselves.

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Property caretaker

This custom package is created for homeowners that do not wish to rent their house to guests. We will make a list of checkpoints together with the owners. Afterwards we will check the house regularly and inform the owners. If needed we coordinate cleaning and/or maintenance teams to make sure everything is in order for your next visit.

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Property management

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Professional photography is only offered for free in combination with the full package. If you choose the online management package we are happy to organise the photoshoot but costs will be for the owner.

Payments are processed every 15th of the month after your guest check-in.

When a guest books a stay via one of the platforms they’ll pay a nightly fee in addition to a set cleaning fee. The entire amount is transferred to us.

Rental Valley will then charge you a commission on that total. In case you are on the full management plan we will also settle you for the cost of the cleaning fee too (in order to pass on to our suppliers and housekeepers).

Whilst you’re technically charged for each clean, it’s important to bear in mind that your guest has paid for this.

Nope, no onboarding or setup fees with us. We believe in no cure no pay solution where you as an owner are happy with our services and we only charge when you earn.

We have a team of data analysts who work with an algorithm that takes into account your postcode, neighbourhood prices and number of bedrooms to adjust (and more than likely increase) your nightly rate.

We’re also always looking to fill any vacancies for your place and are on top of any last minute cancellation to try and find a replacement.

Once you’re ready to get going, we’ll organise an onboard meeting at your property. Ahead of the onboard meeting please ensure your property is clean and tidy. You’ll also need to provide us with three sets of keys for a one-bed, or four sets of keys for anything larger.

Your bookings, calendar and revenue can be found in your personal  dashboard, which you can access via a dedicated website. This dashboard is updated in real-time and gives you an insightful overview of your property and its yields.

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