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The picturesque village of Burgau is a very interesting place to rent out your house to guests. The village is so small that it is always fully booked in summer. There are not many beaches in the Algarve that are still so unspoiled. The village has an active rental market with over 85 houses online. The average occupancy rate is 64%.The beautiful beach of Burgau has been an attraction to tourists for many years now. In the morning you can buy fresh fish from the fisherman that already went out to sea in the early morning.In low season more and more guests visit Burgau and surrounding areas for the attractive biking & walking trails. Another popular attraction in summer in the town Lagos with its rich history and cozy city center. Lagos is a 10 minutes drive from Burgau. Other interesting day trips are Sages, Silves and the Monchique mountains.


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Are you considering investing in a property to rent out to tourists in Burgau? Contact Rental Valley and save valuable time and money. From years of experience, we know which properties make the highest rental income. With our detailed ‘Return On Investment (ROI)’ check you can start looking for projects matching your ROI criteria, and make the right investment decisions.

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In addition, we support you by presenting you with interesting properties from the portfolio of our extensive partner network of brokers. We also regularly receive “off market” deals from existing rental customers who want to sell with a ‘proven track record’.

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The rental season in Burgau starts around Easter. From there, the season continues until the end of October with a huge peak during the summer holidays that last eight weeks. Also in winter, the village has a reasonable occupancy rate. The center and beaches can easily be reached without needing a car, which makes it an attractive place to stay. We monitor and analyze the performance of all our properties in the Burgau area on Airbnb,, and HomeAway. With these sales numbers, we can well predict how to best market your accommodation. Don’t lose money by experimenting yourself. Let Rental Valley take care of managing your property and enjoy the maximum achievable result.
Before being able to rent out your house in Burgau and welcome paying guests, you need to register your property as tourist rental accommodation with the local town hall (câmara municipal), to obtain a rental license known as an Alojamento Local. We have a partnership with a local specialist that can assist you with the process.If you’re unfamiliar with these procedures (and don’t speak Portuguese), you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by paying someone to assist. Avoid a fine. Stay up to date with the latest rules and developments by signing up for the Rental Valley newsletter.
A seaside village like Burgau obviously gets fluctuations in income throughout the year. Winter letting is the solution to these fluctuations. In the last 2 years, we have been able to find winter tenants for most of our Rental Valley clients. This can compensate for the decrease in sales in the winter months.With a 1 bedroom apartment, you can earn between € 475 and € 700 per month in the winter months (excluding gas/ water/ electricity).
It seems easier than ever to rent out your house, apartment, or holiday home to tourists in Burgau. But competition is growing fast. To reach the top in your segment you need to be active and professional. Nobody likes to be interrupted during a romantic dinner for two. And who enjoys cleaning the same apartment three times per week? With so much to do, it’s unsurprising that many owners decide to put everything in the hands of a management company. Rental Valley takes care of everything so you can enjoy a hassle-free life! With many years of experience in all aspects of top-quality property management, we can assist in optimizing your rental profits in Burgau. Call or email us and let us explain for free and without obligation how we can make renting your property even easier.
On average, a house in Burgau offers 1.3 bedrooms and 1,7 guests per booking. The most popular properties are 1-bedroom apartments and more luxurious studios. There is a lot of demand for 3-bedroom apartments in the holiday months, but the supply is scarce. As a result, many families stay in Lagos instead.


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Martijn – Zandvoort, Netherlands

"We bought this villa back in 2017 and have been renting it out ever since. The personal approach of the Rental Valley team really is a hassle-free total package. Perfect for us!"

Vincent & Victoria – Aljezur, Portugal

"We rented out our house ourselves in the past, but never expected that we could get it this full and also for a higher rate than we ever dared to think"

Tom – Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands
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