Viv Dekker & Niels Marcelis – Founders of Rental Valley –  (March 2019)

In spring 2013, we decided to move back to Amsterdam with our small family. Earlier, we lived on the Dutch coast in Zandvoort during the summer – we spent the winters in the beautiful Val Thorens in the French Alps. Our two houses were then open for tourists and holiday guests. However, we quickly realised that it was very difficult to find a company to rent out our previous home, a company that understood our wishes and ideas on one hand, but also our fears and concerns as holiday property owners on the other.

So, in the summer of 2014, we started our own business – Rental Valley. We wanted to reinterpret the extremely personal interests, demands and wishes of both the owners and the guests. Our encouragement proved us right. We grew rapidly in the first six months. Within a very short period, we managed a large number of properties in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Zandvoort. However, we were soon acquainted with the “dark side” of this business. We were available to all guests and owners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the clock. It proved to be a real hurdle for our family to balance the private life and the business life.

However, in discussions with many homeowners, estate agents and small but also large rental companies, we discovered that we were not alone in this problem. Nearly all of us faced similar challenges. It was then that we started to think about why everyone needed a helpdesk, a booking department, a cleaning team or an emergency phone number? Why not simply work together, combine resources, analyse and optimise the identical processes continuously in order to have more time at the end of the day for the really important things in life? So, we started to build internal and external systems about 3 years ago, which are now known as the Real Estate Support, Property Management System and Client Service Program, which facilitates the daily work of many national and international homeowners, estate agents and rental companies. We currently manage over 150 houses in the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and France, in Amsterdam, Aljezur, Carvoeiro, Enkhuizen, Haarlem, Lagos, Noordwijk, Sagres, Luz and Zandvoort. Have a look around and see for yourself if we can help you find a new balance.”