Rental Valley acquires the Algarve Private Collection lda


Property management company Rental Valley has announced the acquisition of Algarve Private Collection, a property & villa management  based in Western-Algarve.

Rental Valley has risen to prominence in the short-term rental management landscape in the Algarve in just a few years since its launch here in 2018, due to what it calls a modern and personal approach.

After focusing in 2020 on operational excellence and technological improvements, the acquisition of Algarve Private Collection marks a clear step to growth for Rental Valley. In doing so, the company is moving closer to reaching its goal of a larger and broader market, in order to offer flexible living spaces to travellers, digital nomads, and mid-term tenants in most cities in Europe and eventually globally.

Founded in 2012, the Algarve Private Collection is the largest short-term rental management company operating at Martinal, Sagres and its surroundings in this Western part of the Algarve. The company is known for its local expertise and star-quality team.

Rental Valley founder Niels Marcelis said: “We’ve been deeply impressed with the team, the portfolio and local setup that the founder of Algarve Private Collection, Anna Charles, has built over the years. We are excited and proud to welcome Algarve Private Collection to the Rental Valley Group.

Rental Valley aquires Algarve Private Collection

The announcement comes one year after the Covid-19 pandemic put the handbrake on years of unprecedented growth in the industry for Rental Valley. Adapting to the situation, the company used the time to work on operational excellence and further developing their technology, preparing for their next stage of rapid growth.




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