Tips for great photos of your rental property

If we can nominate one thing for most important element of a listing, it would be the photos without a doubt. In over 80% of the cases, guests base their choice of accommodation on the first five pictures that they see. It requires some skill to select the right pictures and to combine those with a strong title and a characteristic description. These steps are crucial to the quality of your advertisement.

Tip 1: Clean and tidy

Before you can start taking photos, make sure the space is clean and tidy. There is no greater turnoff for guests then a cluttered and dusty accommodation. Follow these steps in your preparation:

  • Organize your furniture and shake up the cushions. 
  • Clean and store the dishes and remove any visible stains.
  • Vacuum and mop your floors to make them look sparkly and spotless.
  • Store all clutter to make your rooms look spacious 
  • If you are the proud owner of a lot of ornaments or books for example, we advise you to store those as well. It is lovely to have some decoration, but too much can cause a storage box look.

Tip 2: Check all rooms

Inspect all rooms before you start the photoshoot to be sure all of them are prepared and ready. Make sure curtains are opened and tables have a magazine or two on top. Check if the bathtub, shower and sink are cleaned in the bathroom. Candles and folded towels can create a more luxurious feeling. See to it that the countertop is shiny and all the kitchen utilities are well organized. 

Tip 3: Turn on all the lights (night- ánd daytime)

If your photos have the right lighting, they look more professional. Natural light will enhance the contrast, depth and colors of your accommodation. If you are taking photos for your rental, make sure to let in as much natural light as possible.  

A thing that many photographers oversee is that all the lights should be switched on before taking photos. By turning on the indoor lights, you ban any shady corner. It also gives the guest a clear view of what your accommodation has to offer. 

Lights are especially important in spaces like the kitchen and bathroom, where normally natural light is more scarce. The lights will show the cleanliness of your place!



Tip 4: Take pictures from different angles

Suggestions for taking great Airbnb photos; Always try to take a photo from the corner of a room instead of facing a wall. By angling, you add a dimension to the composition of a photo which will improve the perspective for the guests. The room will also look more spacious and inviting.  

Angling is a good choice in every room of the house, so kitchen and shower included. In the bedroom you can choose the bed as the center of the photo and the couch for the living room. Focus point for the bathroom can be the shower or bathtub and in the kitchen the stove or oven.

Tip 5: Mind the details

A lot of Airbnb renters get so caught up in including all the important facilities of their property that they forget about the details. They might seem irrelevant, but they can make or break the decision of creating a booking. When guests picture themselves in your holiday home, the details will complete the image and feeling of their daydream.

Make guests feel at home by showing some personal items in the photos. Maybe you have a small vegetable garden or some collectors’ items. Guests want to see a place with character rather than an Airbnb showroom.

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Tip 6: Use a wide-angle lens

Panorama photos are the best way to show a full room in one picture. If you don’t have the possibility of taking panorama’s, you can use a wide-angle lens for some pictures. This type of photo will provide guests with a more realistic view of the space. It will also be seen as a sign of trustworthiness as you are not hiding anything.

Tip 7: Shoot from different angles

Photos that are all taken from the same angle tend to get a bit boring to watch. Get creative and provide your guests with some variety by taking different angles like from the ceiling down or upwards. Find the balance between giving the guests information that they want and the uniqueness of your photos. After all, this is an advertisement and not a portfolio

Tip 8: Create ambience

Where some guests favor practical photos, the majority chooses an accommodation by the feeling it gives them. Use your Airbnb photo collection to show what kind of lifestyle the guests could enjoy in your holiday home. Play with their imagination. What would their afternoon look like at the outdoor lounge? If your house facilitates rural living, you could add a copper cooking plate and a cheese platter. Or for a stylish urban apartment the choice could be luxurious toiletries for a glamorous feel.

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