Holiday accommodation Zandvoort Formula1

At the moment there are only very few holiday accommodations offered for the 2020 Formula-1 event in Zandvoort. In due time we will advise our clients to offer their accommodations on our platform. Leave your contact details if you want to be one of the first to know when the accommodations for the 2020 Formula-1 event in Zandvoort are open for bookings.

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What about parking if I rent a holiday accommodation during the Formula-1 event in Zandvoort?

Some of our clients that offer their house for rental have their own private parking. During the Formula-1 event these would also be available and reachable for guests. Considering public parking spots there will be a special policy during the event. It is likely that shuttles from and to Haarlem and Overveen will be available as well

Will the check-in and check-out times during the Formula-1 be different?

No, just like during all the holiday periods the timing will be the same. However considering the chance of delay on arrival the check-in times can be stretches slightly.

Cancellation policy during the formula-1 event

The cancellation policy during the event will not change for the formula-1 event.