We have been working together with renowned property management companies for many years. In the first days of our company, we invested a lot of time and energy in the development of mature property management systems. We have recognized that many small as well as large real estate companies have a multitude of identical work processes in their day-to-day business. Our systems can help you to optimize and automate these processes. Let’s work together to gain a little more time for the really important things in life. We promise you that by working with us, you can currently increase your sales growth by up to 20% and find more time again to concentrate on your tasks in sales, acquisition or general customer contact.

Full synchronization with more than 20 booking platforms
We offer our own platform to more than 70% of the worldwide travel market with innovative interfaces for booking calendars, price scales as well as content and images. We synchronize direct booking pages and standard query pages – thus eliminating the technical possibility of overbooking.

Automated guest communication
We have a special iPhone and Android app to communicate with both our and your guests. We filter all communication channels of the different platforms in a uniform inbox and communicate in the respective guest language.

Automated Newsletter
Before and during their stay (if desired), guests receive a series of informative newsletters with useful information about the respective region.

Direct Booking Program
We offer a special automated loyalty and marketing program so that both our and your guests can book directly when making reservations. We thereby save the commission payments to the respective platforms.

Automated invoicing of the guests
All payments will be made 30 days before arrival. Last minute payments can only be made via Paypal or credit card and are directly linked to the booking and billing system.

Full synchronization with all the current calendars
Overbooking is technically almost impossible with our system. Over the last two years, we have had exactly one.

Owner and guest app for maximum flow of information
We offer a simple and fast communication with two different apps, which are specially tailored to the needs of the homeowner and the guest.

Automated billing and monthly reports for homeowners
Homeowners can access their income transparently and clearly 24/7 via personalised access. There is a monthly accounting with detailed overviews. We can also connect to the customer account directly, if desired.

Statistics and analysis section
We have integrated a separate section where all sales information and guest data can be compared over different periods of time.

24/7 helpdesk with trained (multilingual) staff
Our staff communicates almost exclusively in the respective guest languages – a standard for us. Our guests appreciate this very much.

These are only a few selected examples of the extensive functions of our property management systems. We are constantly working on extending and increasing the efficiency of internal and external processes in order to make everyday work easier for all parties involved. For us, saving time is not the only priority. A corresponding cost and profit optimization through the use of innovative management tools thus creates sustainable added value for all parties involved.

As part of our exclusive partner program, we offer you a profit share of up to 50% of the total commission turnover using a corresponding “white label solution”. We control all necessary internal and external processes. You remain 100% owner of your real estate and the respective contracts. We also offer you an open contract design. This means that you can cancel the “contract” at any time, if you are not satisfied with us. But until now, this has never happened – frankly and honestly.