We, at RENTAL VALLEY, have been working together with local sales partners and regional service agents for many years to expand our services. As a local agent, you are an important part of our company in order to ensure personal communication between home owners and all partners involved in the rental of a holiday property. Over the last few years, we have developed an innovative property management system that automates a wide range of internal and external processes – from booking management and check-in to invoicing and final cleaning checks. However, we can only cover one important area to a limited extent – face-to-face meetings. And this is exactly where we need your support …

You can use your local contacts to initiate meetings with the owners of a (holiday) property in your neighbourhood who are interested in our services. If you connect a new client to the Rental Valleys’s network, you will receive a commission based on the monthly turnover of the property. This will continue as long as the client stays in our portfolio!

For example, you can generate an estimated monthly turnover of € 1,200 with five to ten full-time rented holiday homes.

You will support us in building up a local network – whether cleaning staff, gardeners, pool services or general maintenance work. We trust your local network. And to make it clear: We do not expect you to personally do the cleaning, take over guest check-ins or reconfigure the router in case of WiFi problems. These activities are charged separately.

Owners can reach the helpdesk for questions related to booking details, availability or monthly payments. You will be the strategic partner for the owner and you will also meet face to face a few times per year.

We will support you in the strategic optimisation of your local management. You can reach us at any time to discuss any remarks, questions or problems with both, you and the owners. You will be our preferred local partner on site!

In recent years, we, at Rental Valley, have created a variety of different support programs for the innovative and efficient rental of holiday properties. We have already introduced the main features of our property management system at this point. There is also a real estate program and a special client service that optimizes and automates day-to-day work in various fields.


You can also find out more about the other aspects of our partner program or contact us directly. You’ll find that by working with us, you’ll discover new possibilities for local rental and management of holiday homes in your area.