Golden Visa Portugal Real Estate – Low density areas

The Portuguese Golden Visa Program for residence by investment is considered one of the best in the world. For the third consecutive year, Portugal was announced as the country with the most attractive investment program. The Portugal Golden Visa Program has several investment options. The most economic option is the 280k Euros investment in the rehabilitation of real estate in low-density areas. These areas are not the same as the interior regions that are valid with the beginning of 2022.  

What are the low density areas?

The new rules for the golden visa application in Portugal were made to focus the investments in real estate in low density areas. Low density areas are determined by the so-called “NUTS 3 regions”. The low-density regions are defined to have less than 100 inhabitants per square km or a per capita GDP of less than 75% of the national average.

The low-density definition basically applies to all the interior regions in Portugal  and some coastal areas (Silvercoast & West-Algarve). These areas change constantly and have to be checked at the SEF every 6 months. 

Golden Visa Portugal - Low density areas

Why is this option an excellent choice for investing?

  • Many attractive areas in Portugal like the South-west of the Algarve and the Silvercoast / Comporta region are considered low-density areas;
  • You have to invest much less for the golden visa;
  • In the low-density areas you can buy real estate with 2-3 renting units because the prices are much lower;
  • Units in low-density areas are very profitable. A unit makes around € 12.000 per year and more;
  • Even in low-density areas prices have grown at least 5% per year. With the new laws prices will pick up even more;
  • Promising areas to develop eco-tourism, wellness, innovation, and luxury projects.


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