How important is a good review

How important is a good review

Short-term rental has been on the rise for years. It is an excellent way for investors to earn more than regular long-term rent. It takes a little more work and effort to turn the property into a short-term investment, but it is well worth it as it will ultimately bring in a higher income as well.

Credibility & Reliability

Guests usually do not take action if the average rating is below 3.3 out of 5. They clearly prefer accommodations with a rating of more than 4 and preferably 5 stars before making the reservation. This buyer policy shows that it is essential to score at least a 4-star rating on airbnb or 8 out of 10 on When prospective guests see a 4- or 5-star at airbnb (resp. 8-10 on, they know that other guests have enjoyed the experience and that we are honest about the accommodation. Guests who expect to have a good time in your accommodation on this basis will proceed to book more quickly.

If you’re planning to invest in short-term rentals, do your research first. Start with the legal part of the process. Always consult the regulations of the local municipality before renting out a property for a short term. In some municipalities, there is a limit on the number of nights each landlord can have guests in their properties, and some buildings also completely prohibit short-term rentals under the zoning plan.

We are happy to help you by providing a forecast of your income from short-term rental for a particular property.


Ads that earn 5-stars for more than 80% of their reviews will be awarded Superhost status by Airbnb. This will be displayed as a badge on your ad. Many guests only book with Superhosts because they can be sure that they will get the experience they pay for and enjoy. So you have to get and keep getting those five star reviews to keep getting bookings.

Better ranking means more viewers

The ranking algorithm of most booking platforms is complicated, but as you will understand, it is crucial to score as high as possible to attract guests. The ranking is based on your reviews, both the number, the timeframe and how good they are. Getting five star reviews does not directly affect your ranking, but getting consistently good reviews works in the complex calculations and eventually ranks you higher, giving you access to more bookings.

That’s why using a short-term rental property manager is an excellent choice as we make sure you get the most out of your property. The agreement between us is completely flexible and negotiable. If you want us to take care of everything, we are happy to do that. If you want us to only manage the bookings, that is of course also possible. A full package includes everything from photography to cleaning and preparing the home for the next guests. We add value to your property, so that you can get the highest possible profit from it.

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Ask guests for reviews!

Only 70% of the guests leave a review. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask them! Rental Valley will contact guests after the guest leaves to inquire about their experience and to leave a review. Guests often forget, so a simple reminder can be all they need.

Obtaining consistently high ratings is essential to ensure that your property continues to generate consistently high revenues. That is why it is important that you as an owner, together with our team, deliver a 5-star service from the very beginning of the experience that the guest has!

If you would like to learn more about property management or Rental Valley services, click here to schedule a free phone call with us. We’ll talk about how much your property can bring in, how other comparable properties in your area have performed and what we can do for you.

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